The Saavedra family has a rich history as owners of the vineyard. They have been cultivating the wine grapes for four generations, continually improving their final product since the XIX century.

The Saavedra´s brothers with their wifes began producing their own wine, after many years of being associated in a cooperation harvest with other vineyards in the area. Then they took the next milestone in their wine making career, of establishing themselves as an Ecological Warehouse in 1999. In effect, the Saavedra vineyard can produce a high quality of ecological wines.

Father and sons. Luis, Luis and Sergio

The Saavedra brothers, Luis and Sergio, supported by their parents and spouses, have decided to continue with the traditional beginnings of their forbears: to treat nature with the utmost respect. Following this principals, they produce totally natural wine with the certification of ecological agriculture. All this dedication has allowed that the wines already should be admired for its quality and should obtain recognition beyond the Spanish borders.

The Saavedra vineyard has already been recognized as a fine wine by consumers in The United States and Germany, which has been a highlight so far in the family’s wine making career.