harvesting oneAll wine labours carry out following(continuing) the European procedure of the ecological agriculture, as the use of natural credits(subscriptions), amantillo and residues of vinificación due whitewashed that form(train) the subscriber's compóst.

Herbicides are not in use for the control of the bad(wrong) grasses(herbs), not fytosanitory of synthesis for the control of plagues. Micronized sulphur is in use when it(he) is absolutely necessary and according to the allowed parameters.

A working is realized to the traditional style and a manual vintage, selecting the grape in the same vineyard. One is employed at the crop from the dawn until 12 a.m. hs to prevent the high temperatures from damaging the quality of the grapes. The transport up to the warehouse is realized in boxes of plastic of 20 kilograms.

harvesting two